The Waterfront Nursery

Meet the Team

Waterfront Nurseries’ staff are all highly trained and qualified in caring for children. The nursery’s most recent HMiE report (2006) update commended staff for their effectiveness in developing and supporting children’s learning. Please click here to view the HMiE report findings.

In order to maintain levels of quality, childcare standards and performance are continually monitored and all staff have the opportunity to participate in continual professional development and training throughout the year. Regular team meetings and in-house training further promote a feeling of team spirit and encourage staff to feel proud of the important role they play in your child’s development.

Andy Hawthorne - Manager
Vicki Shiels – Deputy Manager/Curriculum Manager
Margaret Gordon – Nursery Co-ordinator
Sheree Blaik – Quality Assurance Officer
Julie Donaldson - Administrator

Baby Room 1

Sally Marshall - Practitioner
Nicki Russell – Practitioner (Mon, Tues, Wed am)
Laura James – Practitioner (Wed, Thurs, Fri am)

Baby Room 2

Claire Brown – Room Senior for Baby Room 1 & 2 and Tweenies
Curro Martin – Nursery Support Worker

Tweenies Room

Abbie Grove - Practitioner
Katie McKinley - Practitioner
Kelly Triantafillou – Practitioner


Becca Hutchinson - Practitioner
Susan Su – Support worker

Junior Room

Ann Sibbald – Room Senior for Toddler and Junior Rooms
Sanya Beedwi - Practitioner
Jillian Lonnie – Practitioner (Mon, Tues, Thurs)
Emma Lang – Practitioner (Thurs Fri)
Samantha Pardue - Practitioner (Tues, Wed, Thurs)

Ante Pre-School Room

Donna Hogg - Practitioner
Amanda Farquhar - Practitioner
Louise Barnes – Practitioner (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Pre-School 1

Karen Thomson – Room senior for Pre-School Rooms 1 & 2 and Ante Pre-School
Louise Hay - Practitioner
Martin Meyer - Practitioner

Pre-School 2

Nicola Weir - Practitioner
Ann Menzies - Practitioner
Ashley Dow - Practitioner
Lucy MacDonald – Practitioner (Mon, Tues)  


Dorota Kubaszczyk – Maternity Leave
Ro Bennett – Maternity Leave
Hayleigh Thomson – Maternity Leave